Tips for Creating Content That’s Educational—and Unforgettable

Florance/ February 12, 2020/ Education

A couple of months ago, Joe Pulizzi published an epic post, Why Education is a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy: 17 Examples. Required reading, in my book (er, feed).

The lengthy show-and-tell style post featured a long roster of real-world examples of brands delivering on the promise of content marketing by creating content that’s useful and can unquestionably be deemed educational.

The article is not a rundown of metrics, but I’d venture to guess each of the brands-turned-publisher is enjoying the benefits of drawing customers and prospects closer to them by putting the power of utility before promotion.

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark wasted no words, stating, “Content marketing is education.” If you’re familiar with Copyblogger (and who isn’t?), you understand — this is a content marketer who practices what he preaches.

Tim Danyo of Imagination Media followed with, “And the best content marketers are the best teachers.” Joe (and the congregation) responded with a hearty, “Amen.”

How to get an ‘A’ in content marketing education

As a responsible journalist, I’m compelled to always cite my sources. While Joe’s article (along with Brian and Tim’s comments) was the inspiration for this post, a good portion of what I’m about to write comes from a conversation that ensued with my kids, Jayna and Leah (ages 14 and 12, respectively) — two experts in education from the customer’s point of view (which we all know is the point of view we most need to tune into).

I explained to my girls (who generally don’t look up from their iPhones to discuss what the old man writes about) that, in my opinion, content marketers who stand out from the crowd, elicit sustained interest, and can be counted on as catalysts for inspiring learning experiences are the best teachers in my industry. Then, being careful not to talk explicitly about blogs or e-books, I asked them to explain why they so often say school is boring. They were all over that one.

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